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גודל חזה : חזה בינוניים
משקל : מבנה גוף רזה
גובה : גבוהה


Read all information! if you ask for information, to which I wrote the answer here, automatic blocking! I don’t hang out with people who can’t read!

1. I am a professional Domina. There is no classic x. Never. 100% no!!!

2.If you made an appointment and didn’t show up, never give anyone a second chance! straight to the block! always think with your head and not with your dick before texting me

3.if you have no money, but you want to meet me! I give advice: go to work!! Or look for another girl! .I have a fixed price for an appointment! 1200!!! although I can meet for 30/1000

4. Practice (you must choose and write) Lick my cunt, my ass. My feet (I have great fingers. Love of foot fetishists) No, I don’t send pictures. Always a great pedicure;

5. I can f@ck you. There are small and large toys.I am active in meetings! you must obey me!

6. An hour costs 1200 + 100 golden rain.

on the body/in the mouth/on the penis (select and write the answer

7.there are no discounts. never and no one;

8..I don’t make an appointment in 2 days, a week. Within a month! Maybe 1 day before the meeting. If you canceled an appointment and didn’t notify me in 30 minutes.

I will block forever.

9.We agree strictly in 1 hour! I am always happy to have guests! I don’t like to rush. sign up for an hour! Or go to those girls who are ready “right now”

10.I am beautiful, active, excellent figure. you will be surprised by my beauty

and… welcome 🙂

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